Download Best Android Hacking Apps Free [Latest 2018]

Android Hacking Apps

Hello, Guys Today we are Going to Share The Working Android Hacking Apps 2018. As you Know these days everyone wants to Convert their Android SmartPhone into Hacking Machine. But a majority of them don’t know What To Install and How to Start? 😀

So today we are going to Share Some Amazing List Of Great Android Hacking Apps Which will Make possible your dream to convert your Android Phone into Hacking Machine. Professional hackers are also using these Android Hacking Apps to Convert Their Phone into Fully Working Hacking Machine. 

People are thinking that Hacking is only Possible through Computer but They don’t Know that Technology is updated And Now Smartphone has Maximum all that features which you can use On your PC. Usually, Hackers use Linux Operating System for hacking Purpose and Your Android Smartphone is Linux Based too.

After A lot of research finally, we have to Collect the best android hacking apps. So now you don’t need to install Any Linux based Operating System on Your Computer. You can use These Amazing Android Hacking Tools To perform Hacking Tasks Using your Smartphone.

So Download All Listed Android Hacking Apps but Make Sure Some of them Are For Rooted and Some Of them for Non-Rooted Android Device so you can use for both.

So Here I am going to share That Android Hacking Apps which are available in Google Play store and then the Other Tools Which you can Download from External Source.

List Of Best Android Hacking Apps and Tools 2018


Orbot is one of the BEST ANDROID Hacking App which you must Have in your on your Android. Using Orbot You can use the Internet anonymously. Orbot was Created by Tor Project For Internet Freedom. Actually, This Android Hacking App will Allow you to Hide your Real IP Address and You can Use it for hacking.


Fing is also The best Android Hacking App which you can use completely Free and it is the best Super-Fast Network Scanner to Find out Which Devices are Connect to WiFi Network. This is one of the famous Network Toolkit. It can use for WiFi Scanner Port Scanner DNS Lookup and Ping Service.


Hackode is also The best Android Hacking Tool which is used by Hackers Security Researcher and IT Administrator to perform Different Work Like Reconnaissance Scanning etc. You can Download it from the Given Link.

Whatscan for WhatsWeb

If you are Looking for WhatsApp Hacking Tool and want to Hack Someone WhatsApp Account and Monitor all their activities then you Must try Whatscan. Whatscan is WhatsApp Web integrated Application.  If you want to Hack Your target WhatsApp account you must have physical access to your Target Account to Scan their WhatsApp Web QR-Code To Activate this Service. Whatscan Doesn’t require Root Permission.


DriveDroid is The best Android Hacking Tool Which you can Use to Unlock Password Protected Laptop/Computer Just by Connecting Your Android Phone via USB.

WiFi WPS WPA Tester:

One of the best Android Hacking App which I have Used Personally Many times to Hack Someone WiFi Password and it Works impressively 😉 because Access Point of EvERY WiFi is Vulnerable at the WPS Protocol. Using this Application you can find out the MAC Address of any WiFi And then you can test them to Hack into that WiFi Connection.

WPS Connect:

This Android Hacking Application will help you To hack WiFi Connection which WPS Protocol ARE enabled. This application will help you to check whether your router is Vulnerable to a default Password/PIN. Using WPS Connect you can Check Weather your Router can be easily hacked or Not.

WiFi Kill:

WiFi Kill is amazing Android Hacking App which can be used to Disable other WiFi Connections which are using your Network means that users which are on the same network with you. Just download This Amazing WiFi Kill App and Kickout other Users from your Network To use Fastest Internet 😀

Nmap For Android:

Nmap IS OPEN source android Hacking Tool Which will help you To Scan Network Exploration.  It is working on both rooted and Non-Rooted Android Devices. But if your device is rooted then you can access more features.


FaceNiff is Android Hacking Tool Which Will Allow you to Sniff And Intercept Web Session Profiles on The WiFi To Whom Your Mobile is Connected. Using FaceNiff it will be Possible to Hijack Session When The WiFi is not Using any EAP. But the Best thing about this app is That it can work On Private Networks Such WEP/WPA/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK) You can Download it for Free of Cost.

WhatsApp Sniffer:

If you want to Download Chat Videos Audios Files Documents call Recording and Other Data of your Friends who are UsING THE same WiFi Connection with you Then this WhatsApp Sniffer is the best Application for you.

WiBer Plus:

Wiber Plus is also one of the best Android Hacking App which can be used to test the Security Of The WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi Connections.

So Above are the Selected Best Android Hacking Apps 2018 And Tools Which You Can Download And use them Free of Cost without Paying a Single Peny. These Are the Best Android Hacking Apps 2018 To Convert Your Android Smartphone into Hacking Machine. So I hope you Got Some New knowledge From this Article if you have Any Other Android Hacking Tools in your Mind Do Comment Below Share With us We Will Update this Post.