Download NJRAT Full Version – Best Remote Desktop Tool


Hello, Guys Have you ever Use Any njRAT? I am talking about Remote Administrator Tool (RAT).  This Tool was Created By An Arabian Hacker which targets many Computer in the Middle East and it was Firstly found in June 2013. People are spreading it Through Phishing And infected Drives.

Any Computer user can Easily target of it Because They Will use their Engineering Skills to Attract you towards their Files Like They Will a Link in Facebook Group in which they will claim that You can Download INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER For Life Time Free of Cost But in reality, That will be a Server.exe File.

Means in that file there will be an executable File Once you click on that File Your PC Could be infected. The Hacker who Post that Link Or file Can Now view Your Computer and Even he can On-Off Your Cam and Other Files. He can Download Your Photos Your Videos and he can Perform every that activity which You can Perform on Your Own PC Using NJRAT. NJRAT is a Programmed Software Which will Allow you To Use Device Remotely The Same LIKE You are using Physically. 

There are Different Software Like Team viewer and Desktop Sharing Which have Legal Users and No of Using that for Screen Sharing. But njRAT is usually used to Hack into Someone Computer and for illegal activities.  njRAT is one of the Best Remote RAT Which Allow You To Access Remotely to a computer and you can do any activity on the computer remotely. So today You Can Download njRAT From Here and The Password is EHT.


So Here Are Some Main features of njRat.

  1. First Main Feature is Remote Desktop
  2. The Second One is File Manager
  3. The Third Most Amazing One is Remote Cam
  4. The 4th One is Remote Keylogger
  5. 5th One is Dos Attack
  6. 6th One is Also Amazing One You Can Any File in The Hacked System Without Their Knowledge Run File (From Link, Disk, and Script)

So I Hope You Learn Something About njRAT and its also Known for Bladabindi Which is one of the best Remote Desktop Tool which can Allow A user from another Home or even Another Country To Do any Task in your System. So Don’t Forget To Comment Below And if you Are Interested To learn How to Hack into Someone’s Computer-Using njRAT Then Comment Below I will Publish Article Based On the interest of Audience. I Will Also Write Some Most Amazing Stuff About Hacking Tricks and Tips Soon.