Latest Facebook Phishing Code 2018 For Wapka [Working]

Facebook Phishing Code

Hello Guys Today I am going to Talk About Facebook Phishing Code 2018 Which we can use For Wapka To Create a Fake Facebook Phishing Page using Wapka. You can Understand from Our title That Facebook Phishing Code is used to Hack Someone Facebook Account And to Steal Their Login Details By Sendong Them Fake Facebook Phishing Page.  Phishing Page actually Look like Original Page of any Website Such as Facebook. We are copying the source code of the Original Website and Create and Create another Fake Page.  And then we Host them On WAPKA.

So Wapka Phishing Codes Refers TO The HTML/XHTML Codes Which Help us to Create A New Fake Page Which will Look Like Original Facebook Page. And you can Create Your Own Facebook Phishing Page using So today I will share Some Facebook Phishing Page Which is totally Look Like Facebook But originally these are Not Original Facebook Page.

Latest Facebook Phishing Code 2018 For Wapka

Here We are talking about Facebook Phishing Codes So that’s why m not gonna teach you here that how you can perform such attack but I will Prefer Other Article About Facebook Phishing Page using Wapka you can read and perform easily. So below is a Screenshot YOu Can Check That How your Facebook Phishing Page will Look Like:


You might be thinking that the above picture is taken from Original Facebook Page? NO, you are the Wrong 😀 The Pictures is taken from Facebook Phishing Page Which was create created with the help of Wapka and Facebook Phishing Code.

So above are the Links From Where you can Copy The Phishing Codes And use them for your Fake Page.

UPDATED: Here I have Collected another Working Facebook Phishing Code 2018 which is working properly because the Old Phishing Codes were not Working Properly But this One Phishing Code will Work Properly.

So I hope you like Our Today Article About Facebook Phishing Code and Also You can Check Our Other Facebook Hacking Articles. So Don’Forget to share with your friends and Also Do Comment below if you are facing any issue Regarding Wapka Phishing Codes. 

Updated: Let me Know if the above Codes Are Not Working, because some of them might be blocked by Facebook as you know they have a strong security system. I will try to Update it soon.