How To Hack WiFi WPA2 Password Using Kali Linux 2018

How To Hack WiFi WPA2

Hello, Guys Today we Are Going to Talk About  HOW TO HACK WiFi WPA2 Password? Many Friends asked This Question that is it really Possible HOW TO HACK WiFi WPA2 Password? After My Research I will Say YES it is Possible You can hack Anyone WiFi Password Using These Steps which I am Gonna Share. Hack WiFi Password Online.

Requirements for HOW TO HACK WiFi WPA2 Password

  • WiFi Card (WiFi Device) Such as TP-Link AC600
     How To Hack WiFi WPA2 Password Using Kali Linux
  • YOU Must have Installed Kali Linux
  • Wordlist of Kali Linux Password (Google IT)

So Now Follow EACH AND every Step to Learn How to Hack WiFi WPA2 Password

  • Open a terminal in Kali Linux and put the Wifi card in Monitor mode Simply by typing these commands.  ‘ifconfig wlan0down‘ , ‘iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor‘and ‘ifconfig wlan0 up‘.


  • Now your Card shows Mode Monitor as shown in below Picture. Now Run the command ‘airodump-ng wlan0‘ to monitor The Other Available Networks in Your Area.
  • Now you have To Write these Available packets in a separate file. Change The ‘bssid‘ and ‘channel‘ according to the output of step 3. Generally, Bssid is mac address of Any wifi network device. 
  • Now we have to De-Authenticate The Connected Device To The WiFi Network. It has the Capability to Capture the Handshake Packets. As you already Typed Command in the above 2nd Terminal.
  • Now you will Get Handshake Packets On the Top Right Corner Side Of the Terminal as we have highlighted that in below Picture.
  • So After the Above Steps, We Must Have the Handshake Packets and also We Must have WordList as we talked Above that You Can Google That For latest WordList. So Now we have to Enter the Last and Final Commands To Hack The WiFi Password And Now Hit Enter.
  • Amazing!! So Finally we have Hacked the Available WiFi Password Key Successfully J

I hope that The Method Which I Share Above HOW TO HACK WIFI WPA2 Password Using Kali Linux has Worked For You.  As Personally I have tested and uses this Method And it works for me Very Well. Also, Don’t Forget To Check Other WiFi Hacking Tricks which already Shared On Our Website. Don’t Forget to share With your friends and Don’t forget to Comment Below if you are facing any issue 🙂 

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