How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages [Latest 2018]

How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

Hello, Friends Today we are Going to Talk about How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages Facebook is the third most popular website with more than billion active users all across the globe. It is also the parent site of many other social sites and services like WhatsApp. In recent times Facebook updates add more and more features which makes the site more trustworthy and stable for users. They added some really cool features like auto-playing videos on the timeline, Facebook stories and many more.

How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

They also added messenger which enables good quality video and voice calling for free. But one such feature which caught my attention is retrieving deleted facebook messages, photos, videos, notes, and other things you associate with Facebook. This feature is almost hidden from my eyes too for an unknown period of time and I myself just recently discovered it. Up till now, not many people are aware of this useful feature of Facebook. You May Also Like How to Bypass Facebook Photo Verification

The Facebook data retrieving trick will help us to get back accidentally deleted messages, photos, videos, and documents. We do this by using Facebook archives. You can download it to restore data to your Facebook account.

Get Your Deleted Messages, Photos, and Videos Back on Facebook

Follow below mentioned steps How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

  1. Open facebook application or browser and log into your account.
  2. Go to settings general account settings.
  3. Here you can see a tab with an option “Download a copy of your data”. Click on this tab to proceed further in retrieving your deleted messages.
  4. You can see a “Download Archive” tab or button on this page. Click on this tab. Facebook will ask you to enter your password to confirm your identity or as a security measure. Type your password and hit enter.
  5. On the next page, Facebook will show you a message that download link is sent to the email associated with your account.
  6. Open email associated with your account. Refresh inbox and here is your download link to download a Facebook archive of your account.
  7. Download this file and unzip it to access data. The file is in .html format. Which means you can open this in a browser of your choice.
  8. Open Facebook archive file of your account in a browser. Now you can see all your previously deleted Facebook messages, images, and videos. You can also see your friend list, pokes and many more things.

I hope this simple and easy method How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages, photos, videos will help you to recover accidentally deleted stuff. You can download and keep these archives as a memory also to see what kind of person you are in recent years or months. Don’t forget to like my social media accounts and subscribe to a newsletter to get latest articles in an email. Thanks for your love and support.